About Laurel

Laurel Cunningham-Hill is the daughter of artists. Raised in the woods of the Blue Hills of Massachusetts, her early life was surrounded by both art and nature. As a child she spent hours flipping through her parents' art books; her favorite artists being Bruegel, Bosch, and Dali. Given those preferences, it is no surprise that her favorite holiday was Halloween - as it is still to this day.

When not reading she was out in the woods discovering and fostering a knowledge of plants and animals with the guidance of her father. Following in her parents footsteps, she graduated from Mass. College of Art and spent her early adulthood years managing several picture framing galleries in Boston.

She developed a hobby creating Science Fiction and Fantasy based costumes for competition and teaching theater arts at Science Fiction conventions, and had a brief flirtation with a career as a make-up artist for film.

Starting a family forced her art to the back burner for a while. But now, with her son grown, she has once again found the time to create. Her current work is based on a love of nature, her fascination with the macabre, and an interest in the Steampunk aesthetic.


CAPSULARIUMS™ by Laurel Cunningham-Hill • Laurel@Capsulariums.com